Access Control

Gate opener2Electric Gate Openers have become as essential as the garage door opener. Whether you are opening your access gate once an day, twice a day, or ten or fifteen times you will want an electric gate opener. Unlike garage door openers, gates come in many different sizes, styles, materials, are subjected to different weather elements and have different power access.  Fence OKC can help you choose the right opener for your needs.

Some things to consider are: do you have a single gate or a dual gate, does your gate slide or swing, how long is each gate section and how much do they weigh, how are you going to power your gate? These are the questions you can go over with a Fence OKC representative.

There are several different kind of electronic openers: Two of the most common ones for residential and small industrial are:

  • Remote controlled entry gates. This option provides the operator remote access without having to roll down a window or stop the car.
  • Keypad entry gates are great for large estates and can easily be coupled with remote openers for regular use.

Options for solar or constant power are available and Fence OKC can answer any questions in that area.

Whether you are needing a gate for the back yard or the back 40 or for a handicapped entrance talk with Fence OKC and they will answer your questions and get that gate opener installed for you.