Homeowners across central Oklahoma are looking to add decorative and functional fences to their yards. There are a wide range of available fence styles to select from in OKC, such as wood, steel and wrought iron. Yet one type of material that is standing out due to its benefits and wide range of styles is aluminum fence.

Aluminum fence installation in Oklahoma has been on the rise. It is being placed as a border to frame yards, around pool areas to keep children out of the water when no adult is around, and fencing pets in to prevent them from running away. If you are interested about purchasing aluminum fence panels for your yard, pool, pet area or play area, check out the advantages and different fence styles that are available.


Aluminum Fence Styles Available in OKC

Just because a fence is functional doesn’t mean that it also can’t be beautiful. Aluminum fencing can come in a variety of colors and finishes so you can get a specific look that matches the exterior colors of your home. There are also several different types of aluminum fence styles to select from that can offer a unique appearance to the yard. Check out the following fence styles:

Two-Rail: Two-rail aluminum fences have two horizontal rails joining the individual vertical rails together to form aluminum fence panels. The posts will reach past the top rail and be exposed as they may have a type of decorative tip, such as spears or finials.

Two-Rail Flat Top: Two-rail flat top aluminum fences have vertical rails that are enclosed into the top rail. This design provides a clean and symmetric appearance to the fencing.

Rail Arches: The top of the rails will arch over to connect to another rail top. The arched rails may alternate between other rails that are pointed to give a more artistic design.

Three-Rail Flat Top: The aluminum fence will have three horizontal rails as the two top rails form the shape of a box. The vertical rails are not exposed as the top horizontal rail creates a flat surface.

Three-Rail Exposed Top: For a three-rail exposed top aluminum fence style, the fence has a boxed fence design at the top but the vertical rails go past the top horizontal railing. The tips of the vertical rails may have a pattern or shape such as spears, arches or finials.


Aluminum Fence Benefits

Ameristar Montage steel fence around pool

Ameristar Montage fence barrier around pool.

Aluminum fences offer amazing benefits to residential homes and commercial properties. They are more affordable than other fence materials while being just as decorative. This type of fencing is also environmentally friendly, as some manufacturers use recycled aluminum when building the fences. In addition, aluminum is very low maintenance and long-lasting as it won’t corrode, rot or fade.

Due to these advantages, people can feel confident when using an aluminum pool fence when they want to prevent young children from falling into the water when outside, or using a pet fence to keep their dogs safe in their yard. If you are interested in aluminum fence panels, let the helpful staff at Fence OKC provide you with more information about aluminum fencing that can be used in residential and commercial applications.

If you still have questions on what type of fence you should install. We would love to talk to you about your project. Please feel free to reach out to us online. Or better yet give us a call at 405-778-1545 for a free consultation and estimate.