Wrought Iron Fences are both beautiful and enduring. Ameristar Fence based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the leader in ornamental, residential steel fences. They have perfected not only the aesthetics of a fence but the stability and strength of the ornamental iron fence. Montage fences are manufactured with their own ProFusion technology. ProFusion is a combined technology of fusion and laser technology. It allows simultaneous welding of all pickets and rails in only seconds.

Ameristar’s production allows for identically smooth streamlined contour on both sides so that your neighbor and you have the same view of the fence. This welding process also ensures joint efficiency, in other words the vertical load bearing strength is equal to the sum of the rail strengths of all the rails in the panel. Because the joints are welded and not fastened it causes a greater efficiency in the feel, function and form of the fence panels. Many homeowners prefer the Montage ornamental steel fence over aluminum due to the additional strength of the welded steel.

After the Montage fence is welded it is totally submerged in their coating process, called E-coat. Major corrosion problems start from the inside out. Many other fence lines are only coated on the outside while the Montage is coated from the inside out. Completely submerging the entire panel guarantees the protective coverage of all the surfaces not just the exposed surfaces. This process ensures rigid, yet virtually invisible structural connections with no unsightly fasteners. This protective coating ensures the weather resistant capability of your new fence.

Ameristar Montage stands behind their product with a 20 year warranty against corrosion. Ameristar boasts that they are the only architectural metal fencing manufacturer who controls all the manufacturing processes from the raw materials to the finished project in their own facilities.

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