You may have experienced this problem in your home. You and your spouse wish to install a new fence, yet neither of you can decide on the type of material or fence design to use. Your spouse wants a beautiful cedar privacy fence for the backyard so they can sunbathe or play with the kids without the neighbors seeing the family through their windows. You want to get chain link fencing due to its functionality and ease of installation as it allows you to see intruders come onto the property because of the open design on the chain links.

So how do you come to a solution that pleases everyone? Here at Fence OKC, we have helped countless people decide on the right materials to use for their residential and commercial properties. One option for people in this situation is to combine different materials to create a unique fence structure. So you and your spouse can have the fence that you want that looks beautiful and is functional for your needs.

Tips on Combining Chain Link, Cedar, or Other Fence Products

Here are several tips in deciding how to select different materials for your fence installation while still making the entire structure look pleasing.

  1. Pick complementary materials. Have you ever noticed how beautiful wood fencing with metal posts are, or how wrought iron goes great with masonry? You want to select materials that work well together. So cedar fencing with a black chain link fence, or chain link and cast iron, would be some good combinations.
  2. Decide on the location for each fence. Deciding on a location will probably be the easiest decision for you and your spouse to make. With chain link fence installation in the front yard, and privacy cedar fencing in the backyard, you each can have the materials you want in the right places. You can have the cedar fencing connect to the house with a decorative gate that allows for people to move from one yard to the other.
  3. Shrubbery to deal with fence connections. One of the issues to overcome is that you will have two different fence heights on your property as you want to have a clean transition from one fence type to the other. One way to handle this problem is to introduce shrubbery at the transition point. You can use bushes or trees on either side to hide the ends of the cedar and black chain link fence posts. You can also place in shrubs in-between the two fences that are at a middle height, taller than the chain link fencing yet shorter than the cedar privacy fence. This technique creates a stair-type transition that further highlights the interesting elements of the fences.

Hopefully this information provided by Fence OKC has given you a few new ideas on how to get the perfect fencing for your yard that everyone in your family can enjoy. If you need more help in selecting the right fence materials, check out the rest of our site to learn more about fence types and prices that will fit into your preferences and budget.

If you still have questions on what type of fence you should install. We would love to talk to you about your project. Please feel free to reach out to us online. Or better yet give us a call at 405-778-1545 for a free consultation and estimate.