The day of an unattractive commercial or industrial fence is in the past. Today there are so many choices for your fencing needs that appeal to the eye as well as serve your security needs.


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FenceOKC can tell you all the options that are available in the Oklahoma City metro. Maybe you are asking should I use a commercial grade of fence rather than a residential grade? There are some things to consider in this question? What are your main goals with the fence project? Is it to keep intruders out, or pets and children in? Is it is a public place where many people pass by or is it in more of a residential area?

The difference between a residential and commercial aluminum fence is mainly, the thickness of the aluminum. For commercial the posts are heavier, the rails are thicker and sides of the panels are thicker. Commercial and industrial grade fences will hold up to more abuse, more people leaning on it or pushing on it. The commercial and industrial grades also come in taller heights like 84 or 96 inches for a more intimidating climb to unwanted intruders.

When looking at the manufacture of an aluminum fence make sure it is one that has a lifetime warranty. If not, move on to one that does. Fence panels come with two choices of the top rail, picket/spear top or flat/smooth top. If you are looking for the highest amount of security against intruders than the picket/spear is probably the one you want to choose. Color of the fence is a decision you want to make with much thought. You can’t just change the color if you don’t like it a month after it is installed. Black is a common choice but there might be a better color for your purposes. Check it out with FenceOKC and see what they can do for you today.