Gates: an important part of your fencing project is the gate. There are many styles and fabrics to choose from and talking to your professional fence installer is a must before making your choice. FenceOKC is there to help guide you in your decision.

The gate to your garden, patio, or pool is an invitation to your friends and neighbors it ushers your guests into your home and friendship. Your home’s gates has a lot to do with curb appeal and people’s first impression of your home. A few rules to keep in mind. Your gate should relate to the height of your fence or wall. Second, always use quality hardware. Durable and attractive hinges and latches will increase the appeal and lifetime of a gate. Thirdly, make sure that you have a system in place to prevent sag such as an EZ Brace (which comes standard on all Fence OKC gates)  Lastly, avoid, for safety reasons, putting a gate at the bottom of stairs. It should be at the top to ensure a safe entrance into your space.cedardd1.

As far as the mechanics of your gate there are options out there for that as well. FenceOKC can give you the available options in the Oklahoma City Metro. Some of these are the manual gate latches where you have to manually open and close the gates with the latches and locks you have installed. Another Access Control option is an electronic opener, much like a garage opener. It can be hard wired into your home power and you can open them by the touch of a button. Another option is solar powered gates. The benefits of using solar power are of course, the cost of energy, the benefit of having power for your gate in the event of a power outage, no frequent battery replacements and no large amounts of wiring required if your power source is a long distance from your gate.

Whatever your choice for your fencing and gate needs talk with FenceOKC.