Here at Fence OKC, we get asked a lot of questions regarding the materials used as fencing and which is the right type of fence for certain applications. Yet one of the most common questions we are asked is whether adding a new fence will increase their property value when a person is thinking about selling their home. They want to create the ideal sales price when they place the property on the real estate market. Yet they don’t want to hamper their chances of finding interested buyers or spending money on unnecessary upgrades that will not create a good return on their investments.

Increase Property Value by Renovating Your Fence

When creating your home improvement list, always consider adding a new fence as an easy way to improve your property value and aesthetics of your home. New fences attract a range of buyers who are looking to have an enclosed yard for a range of purposes. Also, people are willing to pay more for a home that has an existing fence rather than having to save up the funds to build one later on. states one of the top five things that most buyers have on their “must have list” while shopping for a new home is a FENCE.

Buyers can be families who have small children as they want to protect their kids and prevent them from wandering out into the street. People with dogs and indoor/outdoor cats desire fencing so they can create a play area in the backyard or front yard so their animals can get some exercise while being off leash. Fences will increase your property value in your perspective buyers mind and also attract buyers who have privacy and safety concerns. If there is a privacy fence installed, they feel safer that the neighbors aren’t watching their every movement in the yard. The fence can also deter thieves and vandals.

Select the Right Type of Fence for the Project

There are a range of fences to select from that can increase the value of your property more than others. Choosing the right fence will allow you to properly market the home and increase the value to attract the right buyers.

Increase your property value with a beautiful ornamental iron fence.

Ornamental iron is a a great way to increase your home’s property value

Most homeowners prefer cedar fencing or other wood species that have weather resistance and rot resistance properties. These beautiful fences can instantly give a natural look to the yard and blend in well with outdoor spaces and gardens.

More elaborate wrought iron, ornamental iron and steel fencing can also bring an increase to your home’s value. The elaborate detail of the ironwork and steel posts can be an attractive selling point and make a home feel more luxurious and sophisticated.

Wood fences, metal fences, and also concrete fences can create a significant increase in value. These materials may bring up to a 50% resale value to your home that easily covers your out-of-pocket costs.

Vinyl fencing and chain link fencing are two other choices in materials for fences. While they offer a lower value to the home, they can help define yard spaces for specific uses, which can benefit certain buyers.

If there is a pool area and you are marketing your home to families with young children, adding an interior gated pool fence can instantly attract buyers. People will see the fence as an immense safety benefit. It will bring peace of mind that children cannot accidentally get injured in the pool waters. These fences bring in value based on their functionality more than the looks of the fence, although you still want to install new fencing that complements the beauty and architectural style of your home.


Fence OKC Can Help You Pick the Right Fence for Your Home

If you are considering fencing for your yard, contact the professional fence installers at Fence OKC. We can install custom and pre-made fences for your property as well as for ranch and farm areas. Call us today for a free estimate and let us provide you with a beautiful fence that can offer you privacy and beauty to your home.

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