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7 Things to Consider When Getting a Small Dog Fence |

7 Things to Consider When Getting a Small Dog Fence

You love your dog. It was one of the main reasons why you bought a large front yard and backyard so you can play with your best friend as they run to catch balls and frisbees. Yet every time you are playing with your dog, they inch closer to the edge of the property...
What to know before installing fences in central Oklahoma |

9 Things to Know Before Installing Fences in Oklahoma

So you have decided to build a fence for your Central Oklahoma property. A fence can be a great investment as it can provide privacy and functionality to your property. It can also enhance the curb appeal of your home. Yet before installing fences and sinking one post...
Which Reputable Fence Contractor Should I Use?

How to Choose a Reputable Fence Contractor

When it comes to getting your fence built, there are normally four preferences that every homeowner has regarding how it is to be constructed. First, they want a fence built using the best materials possible so that it lasts a lifetime. Second, the homeowner wants to...
Consider the installing a new fence during the winter

Benefits to Installing a New Fence During Winter

There are a lot of myths floating around the internet about having a fence installed during winter; some which are not true. We decided to clear the air and write the following blog post on this subject...Enjoy. Winter has arrived as your backyard looks...
Who is responsible for shared fence repairs?

Fence Repairs: Which Neighbor is Responsible?

Fence repairs is one of the top questions that our clients ask regarding their homes, one of the toughest to answer is who is responsible for fence repair for my Oklahoma City property? Boundary fences are one of those unique structures where the ownership of the...
Should I repair or replace my fence

Repair or Replace My Fence?

"Should I repair or replace my fence?" This is one of the most common questions we hear when showing up at someone's place of residence. Fences don't last forever. Time, age, weather and the occasional collision with toys, mowers, pets or livestock can damage the...
Ameristar Montage steel fence around pool

A Pool Fence Will Protect Your Loved Ones

Creating large outdoor spaces have become a requirement for many homeowners. They are building pergolas, decks, and patios as the family can lounge during the day and entertain guests during dinner parties at night. For kids, backyard spaces have become the ultimate...
Add an automatic driveway gate for additional beauty and security to your residence.

Automatic Driveway Gates: How Do They Work?

Having a beautiful cedar or wrought iron fence can create privacy and security to your home. Yet what about the driveway? For many people, they want to completely enclose the yards and control who can come onto their properties. Automatic driveway gates offered by...
8' Cedar Board on Board Cap & Trim Fence Transition to 6' Cedar Board on Board Cap & Trim Fence will help increase your property value

Will a New Fence Increase My Property Value?

Here at Fence OKC, we get asked a lot of questions regarding the materials used as fencing and which is the right type of fence for certain applications. Yet one of the most common questions we are asked is whether adding a new fence will increase their property...
3 Rail Agricultural Fence

Agricultural Fence Types of Central Oklahoma

Travel across Central Oklahoma and you will see ranches and farms scattered across the land as people use their properties to support their families. They may grow crops and animals for their own use or for commercial purposes. Whether you are raising cows, pigs,...
Back side of a Horizontal cap and trim cedar fence with EZ brace