How Much is a New Fence?

A favorite saying of a friend of mine is “you don’t know what you don’t know”.  Sounds silly at first but there is truth in it.  Until you call a fence contractor you really don’t know how much a fence will cost.  Although there are many ways of pricing things here are a few things you ought to keep in mind when you receive a quote from a contractor.

  1.  A business has to make money.  This doesn’t just mean that the cost of the job is just materials and labor.  Any business has some overhead and also needs to make a profit.
  2. A deal that seems too good to be true, probably is.  There will always be a cheapest bid.  If there is a large disparity (high or low) that should throw up some red flags.  Most fence contractors buy from just a few select vendors.  This makes cost for materials similar. The cost for labor and overhead will probably be the bulk of the cost and this is where you will see the disparities.
  3. Apples to Apples.  If you get 3-4 bids on your project and they are very different call the one you liked the best and ask specifically what they quoted you.  Height, Length, picket height, grade of lumber, post thickness, concrete, gate hardware, etc.  If you are getting a chain link fence a great question to ask is “are all posts set in concrete”? (many contractors do not set line posts in concrete).
  4. If you have gone to a big box store and priced the materials you know how much the material cost is.  However there are a few things that most contractors will charge for that you might not have thought of. A. Tear out of existing fence.  Most fence contractors will remove any existing fence for around $1-$3 per linear ft.  This will not include trees or shrubs that need to be removed. B. Gates.  Most contractors price the total fence length including the length of the gates and then have a separate charge for the gates.  This should include the hardware such as hinges, latch, bracing etc. C.  Permits or fees.  Most contractors will do estimates for free.  However if additional permits or fees are required make sure you ask your contractor about them.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount.  Many contractors offer Military, Veteran, or Senior discounts.  Also some contractors will be able to work with you on a price to stay within a budget.
  6. Average cedar fence installation at a new home in the Oklahoma City area is around $3500.  Of course each property is unique.  Check our residential page HERE for pricing.   You can measure your lot online at

I hope this helps.  At Fence OKC we strive to give every customer a great experience with buying a new fence.  A fence is a large exterior investment in your property and we hope to make that a pain free experience!  We also offer financing through HFS Financial.IMG_5054