Creating large outdoor spaces have become a requirement for many homeowners. They are building pergolas, decks, and patios as the family can lounge during the day and entertain guests during dinner parties at night. For kids, backyard spaces have become the ultimate entertainment spots filled with play areas, swing sets and even pools.

Backyard pools allow for the entire family to cool down whenever the temperatures rise. Unfortunately, pools can also be dangerous spots for children and even pets. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 2012 report, nearly 300 children under the age of 5 have fatally drowned in a residential pool during the years of 2007 to 2009 and 4,100 children became injured in a pool during the years of 2009 to 2011.

It is not always feasible for parents to keep an eye on their children at all times. Sometimes, a child can sneak away without anybody knowing it. Fence OKC can help homeowners protect their children from pool accidents by professionally installing pool fencing.


Pool Fencing Recommendations

Pool Fence Specifications - Fence OKC

Pool Fence Specifications – Fence OKC

Physical barriers that completely enclose pool areas are the best options to keep children safe and protected. It is recommended that the pool fence should be about 5 feet tall or higher, although you can go as low as 4 feet. Installing a higher fence can ensure that young children cannot climb over it.

You should consider installing a fence that has vertical slats or bars with horizontal rails positioned at the top and bottom. This type of fencing is more ideal than chain link fences, as children can use the spaces between the links to help them climb over the fence. You should also consider the size of the openings between the slats or bars. The opening should not exceed 3 3/4 inches. To prevent a child from crawling under the fence, the bottom rail should never be higher than 4 inches.


Pool Fence Materials

Glass pool fencing is secure and beautiful

Pool fencing is only limited by your budget.

While wood and vinyl fencing can be installed around the pool, always consider the longevity and maintenance of these pool materials. Weather and age can crack the slats and loosen fasteners. A child may be able to push on a loosened fence slat and slip between to enter the pool area. In addition, many people want to be able to see their pool area from their home without it being completely boxed in. For many homeowners, ornamental iron is the ideal choice for their pool fences.

Here at Fence OKC, we help people avoid pool dangers by installing ornamental iron pool fencing by Ameristar. Ornamental iron is long-lasting and beautiful, as the material is available in a range of designs. It is fabricated without the need for fasteners. So you don’t have to worry about the kids pushing against the fence rails to create an opening. The high-quality material is coated with a durable finish that can withstand all types of weather as well as the chlorinated water that may be splashed on it from the pool.


Pool Gates

Pool gates with self closing hinges and Magnalatch systems help keep kids safe.

Pool gates with self closing hinges and Magnalatch systems help keep kids safe.

Pool gates should be as tall as the fence and be secured with the appropriate latching mechanism. The gate should have self-closing hinges as well as a self-latching mechanism. It should swing open from the pool area and into the yard. This method ensures that if a young child should grab onto the fence gate for support, their weight will push the door close as it latches itself shut.

Pool fence latches should be positioned where children cannot open them on their own. Latches, such as Magnalatch, are opened by pulling on the top of the release mechanism. So young children cannot accidentally trigger the latch to force it to open. The latch should also have a key option where you can lock it completely so that it cannot be opened even when using the release mechanism.


Door Alarms

Standard Backdoor Alarm For Pool Safety

Standard Backdoor Alarm For Pool Safety

Some pools cannot be enclosed on all sides because of the house. If you have a living room, dining room or kitchen door that leads directly out to the pool area, you can add other safety features to protect your children.

Door alarms can be installed on pool access doors that will sound when they are opened. The door alarm should give a distinct sound that lasts at least 30 seconds and has a noise decibel of 8dBA so that it can be heard over 10 feet away.

You can also install a door alarm so that it can be temporarily deactivated to allow adults to go outside without triggering it. The door alarm should automatically reset itself so that nobody forgets to turn it back on. With the door alarm in place, it will give you enough time to go outside and stop a child from accidentally falling into the pool.


Keeping Your Family Safe and Sound

If you will be building a pool on your property, consider adding a pool fence. Pool fences can keep both children and pets from the area to prevent them from falling into the dangerous waters. Even if you don’t have any children, you may have relatives or friends with children who could have a terrible accident in the pool if they come over for a visit.

Here at Fence OKC, we professionally install beautiful ornamental iron pool fences, gates and door latches for homeowners. Call us today to find out how we can help safeguard your pool area.


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