Vinyl coated fencing is the best option for a fence that is attractive, affordable and virtually maintenance free. Vinyl fences are most often used to create borders on property lines and to keep pets and children from leaving the property. They are also used for privacy, improved aesthetics and safety, such as when they are used for a pool surround. Shorter fences can even be used to create seating around a defined space, such as a rail surrounding a deck.  Check with Fence OKC to see what kind of options vinyl can give you.

Composite fencing is a “green” option. Composites simulate wood more easily than vinyl but are more limited in color. They are low maintenance with just needing to be washed with a mild detergent and no staining or painting are needed. They are also environmentally friendly being constructed of 95% recycled materials. Composite fencing is more costly and they are susceptible to scratching, staining and fading.

Wood fences have been on the landscape for generations and can be unique to each home with the style or color of your choosing. Cedar and redwood are most resistant to rot and insects although several other wood species can be used. Fence OKC can help you make the right choice for your location. Pressure-treated wood is always best for a long-lasting fence. Wood fences do last a long time but need regular maintenance, such as washing each year and reapplying stain or paint every few years.

Chain link fence is another option that is used quite frequently. It is durable and virtually maintenance free. Economical and easily installed it can be the mesh for your beautiful rose trellis. Fence OKC can install a post and rail fence, a combination of wood posts and vinyl coated chain link that is pleasing to the eye. Chain link comes in different colors also to enhance its beauty. It is the best kind of fence to keep your beloved children and pets in a safe environment.