capntrimShould I stain or paint my new wood fence? Experts recommend that you stain your fence and there are several advantages to doing it soon after installation.

  1. It provides both sealing and waterproofing
  2. It prevents the wood from being susceptible to mold
  3. It protects the fence from harmful UV rays
  4. It prolongs the life of the wood
  5. It adds to the beauty and resale value of the property.

Staining a wood fence comes with several options in color. Choose one that most closely resembles or compliments your home or property. Typically, the color will fade in about five years depending on the weather conditions in your area. Staining takes time and is a big project but it is well worth the time and effort. Think of it as regular maintenance on your home. It offers protection for the wood and to re-stain is cheaper than replacing your fence. The first time you will want to give it several coats, times after that will not take as long as the first time the wood soaks up the stain.

There are three types of stains, opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent. Try each type out on your own fence to see which one you like the best. Opaque is darker since it contains more pigment than the other two. If you want to see the wood grain than the transparent is the best choice. Semi-transparent falls in between opaque and transparent, it lets some wood grain show through but doesn’t cover it like opaque would. If you want color check with your local paint store to see all the colors of stain available. Another way to save time is to choose a stain that has a sealant in the stain. This way you only have to go over the wood once.

Painting a wood fence is another option though not highly recommended. Painting a cedar fence IS NOT recommended as paint doesn’t allow the cedar to breathe and you will actually shorten the lifespan of the fence. Wood absorbs stain much deeper than it does paint so that means that paint, when it gets old starts to chip, peel and appear old and careworn. Paint needs immediate attention when it shows signs of wear and tear but stain will only fade over time. Fenceokc can help you in the decision making process and guide you with your newly installed fence.