Vinyl fences can be seen all over the place, on ranches, at local businesses and of course in your own neighborhood. But what is the advantage to putting in a vinyl fence over a wood fence? Glad you asked. For many years wood fencing was about the only option but in the last 25-30 years vinyl fencing has been the fastest growing segment in fencing.

Vinyl Fence

When you look at the initial cost of vinyl compared to wood you might wonder why it is so popular. But when you look at the long term investment of a fence it will soon become apparent. Maintenance, repair and replacement are the selling points for vinyl. FenceOKC can show you those advantages for the Oklahoma City area. Vinyl is UV treated so never needs painting, the color goes all the way through the material so gouges and scratches are nearly invisible. The posts will never rot, shrink, decompose or rust like a wood or iron fence would. The only maintenance will be to wash it once in a while.   Even ranchers have been converting to vinyl due to its strength and longevity and low maintenance. Just think of not having to paint or stain that wood fence that you just had installed a few years ago.

So unless you are fencing a very large area or you are not planning to remain in your home for the next 10 or so years then vinyl is the way to go when it comes to fencing. Talk to FenceOKC and get that fence project started today.