When it comes to installing a wood fence Western Red Cedar is the choice, hands down. Not only because of its beauty but because it is naturally insect and rot resistant therefore it doesn’t need to be chemically treated. It produces true long straight grains due to the long time it takes to grow. Western Red Cedar also has a low shrinkage factor which will make it resistant to warping or twisting.

Western Red Cedar grows in the western United States and is carefully harvested, after just 20 years of growth which is how long a cedar fence will last. After 20 years in the forest and 20 years of use it is fully biodegradable. The forests are cultivated carefully and as many as 8 million seedlings are planted each year according to Source Wood Partners.

Western red cedar ranges in beautiful reddish hues to light tan and brown. Over time all wood will develop a gray patina but with the western red cedar all you have to do is a light power wash to revive its original hue. If you wish to paint, stain or seal WRC it can be done almost immediately after installation.

Fence OKC installs western red cedar fences one picket at a time rather than an 8 foot panel. This ensures your fence is as level and plumb as possible. Fence OKC also uses coated decking screws to attach the pickets to the rails. There will be no nails backing out resulting in loose pickets. If it is time for a new fence then call Fence OKC for a free estimate today!Fence 3