What time of year is the best to have a fence installed?  There are many things to consider in this question?   How urgent is your need?  Do you have the money and time to meet with a contractor?  Do you know what type and style of fence you need or want?  Have you checked with the HOA and city or county permits?

There really is no wrong time of year to install a fence but of course weather does play a factor in the process.  In the spring it can be rainy and muddy so the time frame would have to be worked around the weather conditions.  Spring is also one of the busiest times for a contractor so again timing might not always be right.  Meeting with a FenceOKC contractor will help you get all the important information you need in making a wise decision.

Winter fence

If you wait until summer it may be a longer waiting list as contractors are in full swing.  Now that fence you wanted to get around your new swimming pool will be a bit of a wait.  Plan early in the year and be saving your money, meet with FenceOKC and get your fence put on their schedule.

Actually, winter can be a good option to have your fence installed.  As this is a slower time for the contractors you may not have to be on a waiting list but can get the fence installed quickly.  Sometimes you can purchase the materials cheaper as providers and contractors are wanting to lessen their stock.  Permits are easier to schedule in the slower time of the year also.

Don’t forget fence repairs.  You don’t have to wait until spring or summer to get your fence repaired.  Call your contractor in the winter and get an estimate for the repairs and have them done so your fence will be ready for you in the spring and throughout the year.  FenceOKC is a local contractor in the Oklahoma City area and they are always ready to make your yard beautiful!