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When selling a home, you will try to add certain renovations and cosmetic changes to raise the value so you earn more on the sales price. While the majority of the remodeling work will focus on the inside of the house, a new residential fence can bring value to the outside of the property and make the house more appealing to buyers.

Learn more about adding fences before the home sale, and which types of fences will be good for your money.

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Why Home Buyers Want Fencing

Some home buyers see fences as an added perk to the property that they will not have to invest in themselves. Homeowners who have pets or small children desire a fence to keep their pets and family safe so they don’t wander off the property. Homes that are near busy roadways can also benefit from fencing as potential buyers can further enjoy the home without having to see or hear the traffic.

In addition, a fence can increase the beauty and curb appeal of the property. A wrought iron fence can frame the house and complement the look of the property. They can also help define the backyard from the front as you may incorporate two different types of fences and boundaries along the property.

Fence Materials That May Add Value

Not every fence will increase the value of the home significantly. Yet also keep in mind that placing in the most expensive fence possible probably won’t have you recoup all of your resale investment. Finding the right middle ground based on your finances and the materials used for the fencing can help you increase the value of the property and have the home sell faster.

Fences on the inexpensive end, such as barbed wire and electric fences, as completely functional although not aesthetically pleasing. While these fences are expected on farmlands, they won’t bring much value to the home. Chain link fences can range from cheap to more expensive. While chain link fences may appeal to pet owners, they also typically don’t provide a lot of value when installed.

Fences that will add more value consist of more solid panels of wood, vinyl, and aluminum and have more decorative properties such as wrought iron. These materials range from moderately priced to very expensive, and maintenance can vary based on the materials.  When it comes to home buyers, homes that sell well are ones that have fences made from vinyl and wood. Vinyl looks great, is low maintenance, and can be easily taken care of with a simple hose down to clean it.

Wood is also a great choice. This material is moderately priced. You can from low cost to more expensive materials based on the type of wood that is used. A wood privacy fence has the potential of bringing in nearly 50% back to your installation investment during the sale of the house. Wood fencing does require a bit more care, as the wood has to be sealed to protect the materials from the weather and to resist fading from the UV light.

Another type of fencing where you could regain 50% of your costs at resale is wrought iron. Wrought iron is decorative, provides security, and is durable to the elements. It can last for years, yet it requires a sealing treatment to prevent rust. If the cost of wrought iron is out of reach based on your budget and you don’t want to price the house out of reach for buyers, you could select a cheaper alternative such as aluminum. Aluminum can provide you with the same benefits as wrought iron as it is nearly maintenance free. Yet keep in mind that aluminum won’t be as durable to the elements.

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Consider the Type of Home That the Fence Will Complement

Always consider the type of house and property that the fence will be located on. Rural properties with barns and acreage where a buyer can raise livestock will see immense benefits from a livestock fence.

Residential homes with large backyards and pools could also gain benefits from having a fence to provide privacy for the home and to prevent accidents from happening around pool areas. Areas that experience high crimes could also attract buyers with a privacy fence that increases the security of the home.

For smaller lots in city areas, consider how the fence will make the property feel to potential buyers. If you have a very small area but it has a great view of a public park, a fence could cut off this view and detract buyers.

It could also make the property feel smaller when you want the house to appear spacious. Also take into consideration about the impacts of building fencing on lots with closely-built houses. A large privacy fence could cause friction with neighbors when it will be so close to their property lines.

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Installation Considerations

Once you decide to install a fence on the property to raise the value of the home, you need to perform a property survey to determine where buried water lines, gas pipes and electrical wiring may lurk that can hamper the installation process. You should also speak with your neighbors regarding the fence installation if it should become a shared fence, and find out where the property boundaries are so it is built on your land.

Getting a fence on your property can add immense benefits to your home and raise the resale value. You can also increase the chances of the house being sold faster when the fence installation is done right. If you have questions about fencing for your property, and the types of materials that are available, contact our company for more information. We can help you select the right fence and professionally install it for your home.

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