So you have decided to build a fence for your Central Oklahoma property. A fence can be a great investment as it can provide privacy and functionality to your property. It can also enhance the curb appeal of your home. Yet before installing fences and sinking one post in the ground, here are 9 things you should do to have an easy installation process so you don’t run into any unexpected issues.


Check Municipal Fence Codes and Restrictions

Certain locations may require you to pull a fence permit before building the structure. Other municipalities may have fence height restrictions, design codes and location safety restrictions when building close to a roadway. Understanding the codes and restrictions will prevent a building inspector from showing up and fining you or telling you that the fence needs to be torn down.


neighborhood hoa approval before installing fences|

Speak with neighbors and your Home Owners Association (HOA) before installing fences.


Before Installing Fences Speak With Neighbors and HOA

Always be considerate to your neighbors when planning to install a fence. The location or the height of it may block their views of nearby scenery as they can no longer enjoy the scenery. Also, you need to find out HOA guidelines when living in gated communities. They may have rules that restrict the design, materials and size of the fence.


Know Where to Put the Fence

You can’t just place a fence wherever you want. You must observe property boundary lines so you are not installing a fence into someone else’s yard. By getting a survey done, you can stave off future property disputes. Also, you can figure out the best place to put the fence that will enhance the beauty of your home while offering you the right functionality.


Call OKIE 811 before installing fences in Central Oklahoma |

Call OKIE 811 before installing fences in Central Oklahoma.


Find Out What is Under the Ground

As you are digging the first hole to place in a fence post, your shovel strikes metal as water bursts up like a tiny geyser from the ground. Before experiencing such a scenario, always find out what is under the dirt. There may be water pipes, gas lines and buried electrical cables that can become damaged by your fence installation.

Any reputable Oklahoma fence contractor will call OKIE811 for you before beginning your fence project. Once OKIE811 is called, they have up to 48 hours to come out, locate and mark any underground lines. You can explore the OKIE811 service here.


Decide What You Want and Need in a Fence

Will the fence be used for privacy for the backyard or to fence in part of the property to keep in pets or livestock? Are you going to prevent the kids from running out into the street when they are playing outside or to keep them from the pool area? Decide the reason why you need a fence and the type of fence you want. Then you can figure out the size and height of the fence, as well as the materials that would be appropriate for it.


Installing fences with gates in central Oklahoma |

Decide the location of walkthrough and double drive gates beforehand.


Will the Fence Need Gates?

You may want a gate to enter different parts of the yard, a gate for driveway access, or a gate to leave the property. Figure out the size of the gate based on whether it will be used by just people, livestock or vehicles. Then determine where to place the gate for easy access. Also, when it comes to gates, you want to pay for one that will last and look beautiful for decades.


Prepare Your Property Before Installation

You will want to measure the area where the fence will be placed. You can tap in stakes and line strings to help with the measurements. This method will also provide you with a visual layout of the area. Then you can prepare the property by removing any bushes, trees, flowers and other structures where the fence will go. Also, make room for the fence materials and for a place for the professional fence installers to work unimpeded.


Let wood dry after installing fences before staining or sealing |

Let wood dry after installing fences before staining or sealing.


Wait for Wood to Dry before Painting, Sealing or Staining

If you decide to install a wood fence, you should wait a few days after it has been installed before sealing it in, painting it or staining the boards. A fence will still contain moisture on the inside that will ruin the paint that is coated over the surface. Also, the seal and stain will have problems protecting it from rot and other issues. Wait for the wood to completely dry out first.


Know What the Property Will Look Like in Different Seasons

When using other landscape elements, such as bushes and trees, as part of your fence line, keep in mind that these plants will not appear as lush and green during the fall, winter and spring seasons. The sparseness of the plants may leave open spots where people can see into the property. This problem can hamper your fence needs if you want privacy for your yard all throughout the year.


Have your fence installed by a professional central Oklahoma Fence Contractor |

Have your fence installed by a professional central Oklahoma Fence Contractor.


Get a Great Fence from the Right Professionals

Getting a fence that offers you everything you need can be achieved. Yet you have to make certain design and installation preparations beforehand to insure a simply construction process. You should also look into hiring a professional company who understands how to work with different fence materials and can work under your preferences as well as local building and zoning codes for your municipality in Central Oklahoma.

Once you tackle all 9 of these aspects, you can ensure your deck will be built with the desired materials in the size and location you need. You will also have the deck in the place that you desire as it will fulfill your needs in beauty, durability, privacy and functionality. Get your next fence, gates and other aspects for your landscape so you have a structure that is perfect for your property.


In Need of a New Fence?

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