When I get a call from a customer wanting a fence in the OKC area one of the very first questions I will ask them is “Do you want steel posts”?  The overwhelming answer is “YES! I want steel posts. My fence is blown over and the wood posts have rotted at the ground and broken.”  Here at Fence OKC we try to encourage our customers to use steel posts for their fence for a variety of reasons.

 1. Strength: budget fence builders use a landscape timber for their fence post.  Many a fence in the OKC metro area is built using this sub par method.  These posts are not meant to bear the strain put on a stockade fence in the Oklahoma wind.  The second option fence builders use here in OKC is the 4×4 treated post.  While this option is better than a landscape timber it is still susceptible to rot and will most definitely rot within a few years.  Wood posts are known to split, twist, and warp as well.  Steel posts come in a variety of sizes.  We recommend .095 steel posts for our 6′ stockade or privacy fences.  The fence posts we use are 8′ tall and are placed approximately 24″ in the ground with 80 lbs of concrete around the base.  There are other varieties of steel posts that are used for different types of fence (such as an 8′ tall privacy fence or a shadow box style fence)

2. Value:  When you purchase a fence you are adding value to your home.  Whether you plan on selling it in the near future or you are in your forever home a great fence adds significant value to your home or property.  When making the decision on fence posts consider the value.  The initial cost of a steel post vs. a wood post is around 25% higher for the over all cost of the fence.  this might seem high unless you have had to deal with wood posts before.  Wood rots and the weather in Oklahoma is not kind to wood.  Typical life span of a 4×4 treated post is 5-7 years.  Most fences with wood posts that we replace we can push over with little to no effort.  Galvanized steel posts don’t rot or rust.  When the wood needs replaced simply unbolt it from the brackets and replace it.  If you stay in the home long enough to have to replace your fence more than once you have made a good deal of your money back if you chosen steel posts.


In the end it is always the customers choice.  However, at Fence OKC we will always recommend steel posts for your privacy fence, for strength, longevity, and value.  Have a great day!