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When people think about security fences, they are looking for something formidable that will send the message that their home is an impregnable fortress. They may look for a fence that is a solid, high barrier that is thick and difficult to climb over. They may also think that the barrier should block the view of the house, like a residential cedar fence, so that burglars can’t see into the windows and take note of what possessions a person has.

While security fences should be difficult to climb, you want to avoid a solid barrier that cannot be looked through. There are also other characteristics to the fence that you should invest in.

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Characteristics to a Home Security Fence

Let’s go over the best features that your security fence should have, and the types of fence materials that provide the best home defense.


You don’t actually want a fence that blocks the view from other side of it. You want to be able to see people prowling around on the other side as this gives you the opportunity to investigate or call for help before they make it over the barrier. Also, you want to eliminate the number of hiding places along the fence line. When getting a fence, ensure that there are spaces between the boards when installing wood or PVC fences.

High Fences

A good security fence can be as tall as 6 feet, yet 8 feet is even better. If you can go taller, that is great. However, the height of the fence may be restricted based on city ordinances or HOA regulations. So always check with your municipality before installing the fence. If the fence is too tall, the city may require you to uninstall it or change it so the fence is lower.

Make It Hard to Climb

A fence shouldn’t have any foot holds where a burglar can boost themselves over the top. Make sure the fence that you use for home defense has very few horizontal rails. If there are horizontal rails, ensure they are facing the inside of the property and that the spaces between the fence boards are narrow enough where a person can’t place the tip of a shoe through. If you are installing a residential chain-link fence, make sure to install one that has smaller holes so that a person cannot use those holes to climb up.

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Has Security Locks

Any gates or doors along the fence should have the sufficient padlocks. There are many different types of locking mechanisms, including automatic locks and ones that will self-latch. When placing on the locking mechanism, you want to install it so that a person’s hand cannot reach through the spaces on metal bars or wooden boards and open the latch.

Secure the Top and Bottom of Fences

Burglars will look for numerous ways to bypass a fence, including going underneath it. If the fence is lifted up off the ground, you want to have some type of barrier underneath. You can secure the bottom of the fence with concrete for the ultimate protection. If you are still worried about people having the ability to climb over the fence, you can install spikes, spear tops or even razor wire along the top.

Full Barrier

A security fence won’t be effective if it doesn’t surround the entire yard. Yet there may be obstacles in the way, such as a favorite tree or flowering bush, where you want to end the panel. A burglar will use these gaps to get through, even if it means climbing the tree or breaking the branches on the bush and squeezing through. Try to relocate bushes so they are not in the way, or go around trees with the fence structure so that it is one solid barrier.

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Materials for Security Fences

Interesting enough, as long as you focus on the above characteristics to have on a security fence, then you can select all the normal materials for the structure. Choose from wood, wrought iron, aluminum, or PVC. If you are selecting chain link for the fence, you want to ensure that the wire used has a thickness of at least 9 gauge. Having a thicker wire can lessen the likelihood of a burglar trying to cut through it with wire cutters.

Select a fence that not only provides you with protection but also is aesthetically pleasing. Then add in other security measures. Outdoor lights, motion detector lights, burglar alarms and security surveillance can add those extra touches to make your home feel safe and secure. In addition, many smart technologies are available where you can access the features right on a phone app.

Work with a Qualified Fence Contractor for Home Security Features

To ensure that the best security fence is installed, you want to work directly with a professional Oklahoma fence contractor. Informing them about your needs can allow the contractor to provide the best options based on the materials and style of fence that you desire. Then they will professionally install it to meet your satisfaction.

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