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After the passing of the State Question 788 on June 2018 by voters to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma, commercial grow operations have been happening across the state. Many people are designing business plans to abide by these changing regulations and researching Oklahoma commercial fence solutions to protect their valuable assets.

If you have enough property, outdoor operations and the local climate may be an ideal set up for your cannabis plants to grow. However, protecting your plants and ensuring privacy are two main concerns as getting the right commercial grow operation fencing can play a big factor in having a successful harvest.

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Grow Operation Fencing Security and Privacy Issues

The state of Oklahoma has general security requirements in place regarding commercial grow establishments. Subchapter 310:681-6-1 of the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Control Program states that commercial licensees should implement all appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized entrance into any area on the property that contains marijuana as well as the theft and diversion of marijuana.

The location of your property will play an important factor regarding the types of security and privacy issues that you may encounter. Properties in rural locations will have reduced concerns about someone coming onto the land to steal the crops. However, you may have more of a concern trying to protect your cannabis from animals that will eat on the plants.

On the other hand, if your property is located in a suburban or urban area, you will have to deal with more people near the property. In addition of people entering trying to steal your cannabis crops, you also don’t want people simply entering the property for other reasons. A commercial grow operator can risk losing their license if any minor under the age of 18 enters the commercial operations, even if they are just trying to take a shortcut to get to the other side of the street. You may also deal with some residents who do not believe that such plants should be grown as they may try to destroy your crops.

Having commercial cannabis fencing that also offers privacy can prevent people from seeing what you are growing on your property. It can also discourage people from taking shortcuts across your property or performing other actions against your marijuana plants.

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Considerations for Outdoor Cannabis Fencing

When it comes to fencing for plants, you need to evaluate the entire property and the location where the plants will be grown. Two factors to focus on to ensure that you will have a successful harvest are sunlight and air flow. Additional factors to also consider are pests and unwelcome guests.

Air Flow for Healthy Plants

If your property is surrounded by other tall buildings, there may be reduced airflow as you don’t want to further limit this by erecting a solid barricade constructed out of brick or stone. Instead, consider commercial fencing that allows for unrestricted air flow, such as commercial chain link fencing. The open links allow for unrestricted air to flow inside and over your plants. To ensure privacy and security, the fence should be tall enough while still limiting access of larger pests, animals and people. A 7′ + 1′ chain link fence with privacy slats may be more ideal for your property.

This commercial chain link fence comes as tall as 7′. Then an additional 1′ of 3-strand barbed wire on top can prevent people from trying to climb over it. The chain link fence also has commercial grade privacy slats that are interwoven into the chain links. So air can still flow through, yet it can be difficult for people to see onto the property.

Pests and Unwelcome Guests

You may have a large, open cannabis grow operation where there will be plenty of air flow. Yet you are constantly trying to stop animals and people from entering. You may also have a property near a school, daycare center or public location where people can look directly into your operations.

When you are looking for the ultimate privacy and security, an 8′ cedar privacy fence may be the optimal solution. A cedar fence is the most private option compared to a chain link fence. The panels of the fence will prevent people from looking in at the property while the height of the fence discourages anyone from trying to climb over it. In addition, cedar is a natural repellant against many insects as this advantage can lower the number of pests trying to get at your plants.


Cannabis plants require as much light as possible to successfully flower. You don’t want to block sunlight anytime throughout the day with your fence. Whether you are installing a commercial chain link fence or cedar privacy fence, allow for enough space between the fence line and the plants.

When the sun moves across the sky, this extra space will prevent shade created from the fence from falling onto the plants. So never place the marijuana plants all the way up against the commercial grow operation fencing.


Since you have outdoor operations, the weather will impact how well your plants will grow. You also should take into consideration how the weather will impact your commercial cannabis fence. Many people opt to wrap their chain link fence with tarps or cloth wraps for more privacy. However, the strong Oklahoma winds can hit into these barriers and quickly take down the fence to endanger or damage your crops.

Slats in your commercial chain link fence or investing in a strong cedar fence can provide more privacy to your property without having to deal with the wind knocking them down. The air can still flow through these fences without being significantly impeded.

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Professionally Installed Fencing

Even after purchasing the best fence materials for your commercial grow operations, it won’t do your business any good if it is not professionally installed. Hiring an expert fence contractor can ensure the fence is built right the first time so that you can focus on having a successful cannabis harvest.

When you are looking for help in deciding on the right fencing for your business, contact our professionals at Fence OKC. We will provide you with the best advice based on your operations while professionally installing your fence to offer the appropriate privacy and security.

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