Fence repairs is one of the top questions that our clients ask regarding their homes, one of the toughest to answer is who is responsible for fence repair for my Oklahoma City property? Boundary fences are one of those unique structures where the ownership of the fence can fall on more than one person. Also, the types of damage that may be inflicted on the fence, such as a neighbor’s tree falling on it, can place doubt on who will actually fork over the cash to make repairs.

Here at Fence OKC, we are answering this question to offer greater clarity on who should be the person to pay a professional contractor to make repairs for damaged fences. Then you can ensure that the fence will get the maintenance it needs so it stays beautiful and sturdy for years.


Who Owns a Shared Backyard Fence?

Typical central Oklahoma suburban neighborhood

Typical central Oklahoma suburban neighborhood.

If it is a double fence, where each property has a separate fence that abuts the other one, then the answer is clear that you repair your specific fence and the neighbor repairs their side. Yet single fences that sit on the property line can be more of a gray area when it comes to ownership. If the one neighbor built the fence and basically tells you that it is strictly their property, then it can be assumed that they will make the necessary repairs.

However, the fence may have been built before either you or your neighbor moved there. In this scenario, it usually falls upon both neighbors to pay for repairs. It is also possible that you and the neighbor can come up with a separate agreement concerning which person will pay for and fix the fence structure. If this is the case, then you can abide by the terms of the agreement, which you should obtain in writing to stave off future disputes.

Just keep in mind that the agreement you make with the neighbor is only enforceable with them. If they sell their home, you would have to make another agreement with the new owners.


Types of Damage Can Indicate Who Should Pay

Fence repairs needed caused by sprinklers hitting bottom of fence.

Damage caused by sprinklers hitting bottom of fence.

Another way to decide on who makes the fence repair in OKC will be based on what or who created the damage. Repairs to address damage caused by regular wear-and-tear, weather and old age are normally shared by both neighbors. It can also be a clear-cut case where if you created the damage specifically, or your pets, it would be neighborly of you to handle making the fixes that the fence requires.

However, there are certain circumstances where the damage may be created by something on your property yet the repairs will need to be made by the neighbor. This scenario usually happens when it involves tree damage after strong storms.

If there is a fence along the property that is owned by you, or you have claimed responsibility toward making repairs, and the neighbor’s healthy tree falls on the fence, you will have to make the repairs. The reason for this is because structures on your property are often covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Since the fallen tree was caused by no one’s fault and was an act of nature, your insurance company can compensate you for the repairs.

The same scenario holds true if the neighbor owns the fence but your tree fell on it. Instead of forking over the cash, their insurance company may handle things. Just keep in mind that the insurance compensation will normally only cover for repairs made to the fence. It will not cover for tree removal.


Times When Insurance Companies Will Not Pay for Fence Repairs

Keep trees maintained over fence lines to prevent unwanted fence repairs

Keep trees maintained over fence lines to prevent unwanted fence repairs

The only time when the insurance company will not pay for fence damage caused by fallen trees is if the accident was due to negligence or maintenance-related problems. If the tree is rotted or dead as it could have injured someone or damaged property before the storm, then your insurance company may deny the claim.

In this instance, you may have to ask if the neighbor will pay for at least part of the damage if you own the fence outright. They may feel bad about not taking better care of their tree or at least cutting it down sooner. Yet they may also decline for various reasons, which could include that they simply don’t have the money to pay for full or partial repairs. In the end, you could be placed into a situation where all repairs and costs come out of your own pocket.

If you have a boundary fence and the neighbor refuses to pay for their share of the repair costs, you may decide to take legal action. It is in your best interests to speak with a qualified lawyer for those special circumstances.

Maintenance is the Best Option to Keep Fences in Great Condition

Avoid fence repairs by maintaining your shared backyard fence.

Avoid fence repairs by maintaining your shared backyard fence.

In reality, a good periodic maintenance plan adopted by both neighbors can allow each person to save money and avoid costlier fence repairs. Create a good relationship with your neighbor regarding the fence, as this will make it easier to make repairs on both sides of the fence at the same time that will be beneficial to everyone.

When you decide to fix the fence, let the neighbor know what you plan to do and the cost quotes you received. Then see if they have any suggestions, as they may know of a OKC fence company that can offer a better quote for fence upkeep and repairs. You can include your neighbor in the discussion when the fence contractor arrives to evaluate the damage so both parties will be happy about the decision.

This mutual agreement will also work in the professional contractor’s favor. They will gain access to your neighbor’s yard when they need to so they can finish the work. They won’t have to deal with complaints or threats to call the police when the neighbor sees someone suspicious in their yard.


Getting the Right Fence Repairs in OKC

Fence OKC will complete your fence repairs.

Fence OKC will complete your fence repairs.

We provide affordable quotes so you get the repairs to make your fence sturdy, durable and beautiful. We can examine your fence, point out issues, and offer a range of solutions.

Then you and your neighbor can get together and make the best educated decisions in regards to making the necessary repairs or replacement to your mutually shared fence line.

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